Madison County supervisors approved spending over $1.7 million worth of upgrades to the county’s 911 system to replace the current aging system. 

Emergency Management Director Albert Jones III said the current 911 system was upgraded 12 years ago and “is now obsolete.”

Jones received three proposals to upgrade the system — two from AT&T and one from Motorola. 

The first AT&T proposal included equipment expected last five years, and the second proposal had equipment with a projected lifespan of seven years. The difference in the two proposals over a 10-year period was only $12,000. 

The Motorola proposal featured equipment life of five years but would have cost $370,000 more over a 10-year period. 

Jones said he spoke with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and the cities of Canton, Madison and Ridgeland and there were no objections to the proposed AT&T system. 

Sheriff Randy Tucker echoed Jones’ statement, saying they looked at it “extensively” and they were all in agreement. 

County Administrator Shelton Vance said by using the equipment with the seven-year lifespan, there would be less equipment over a 10-year period because it lasts longer. 

The county will utilize E-911 funds to purchase the equipment, purchasing through Mississippi’s Information Technology Services.