Many questions remain about Kimber Halliburton, the Madison County superintendent of education who resigned abruptly last week after less than a year on the job and who was, shockingly, apparently not licensed or certified in Mississippi.

Questions remain as well about the competency of a county School Board that’s suddenly shrouded itself in secrecy.

And what about the firm the School Board paid $18,000 to find Halliburton in Tennessee?

What went wrong? Who has deceived whom?

Halliburton was less than a month away from her first evaluation when she quit.

Halliburton’s sudden resignation a week before state testing and a month before graduation raises lots of questions, especially when the school district remains cloaked in silence and practically hold up in their multi-million dollar central office off the Highland Colony Parkway.

Madison County is Madison County because of our excellent schools. Often on this page, we’ve said how Jackson goes, so go the suburbs. In that same vein, as the school district goes, so goes Madison County.

Our top-ranking schools are just as responsible for attracting corporations and businesses to Madison County as are the tax increases and crime in neighboring Hinds County.

Our hope is the leadership in Jackson will get its act together, but more specifically Madison County has become a concern.

Did Kimber Halliburton resign to take another job in Nashville leaving the School Board with egg on its face for hiring someone with a controversial past? 

Did the School Board ask Kimber Halliburton to resign? Did the School Board uncover the fact she wasn’t certified and asked her to resign before reading about it in this newspaper?

Less than a year into a four-year contract and Madison County is once again searching for a leader of arguably what is one of the top-ranking school districts in the entire state.

There are more questions than there are answers and the people have a right to know the whole story.