MADISON — Federal bridge inspectors have called for the closure of a bridge located on Tidewater Lane over Culley Creek here.

The city plans to close the bridge at 6 p.m. on Friday, during which time immediate repairs will begin. 

Public Works Director Jim Marler said it’s an old timber bridge that needs some repairs. He estimates the total cost to be between $20,000-$25,000. 

Marler said the repairs should take between two to three weeks, during which time no traffic will be allowed through. 

“Motorists will not be able to travel from Rice Road to Old Canton Road during these repairs,” he said. “The City of Madison apologizes to its residents for any inconvenience.”

Marler said there is no detour option. 

The Madison Mayor and Board of Aldermen adopted a resolution Tuesday night declaring the closure an emergency and suspending normal bidding requirements to fund the repairs. 

The Madison bridge is the latest in a series of closures across the state. Earlier this year, federal inspectors closed over 16 bridges in Madison County alone. 

Several bridges have since be reopened, while others remain under construction. 

Madison residents with any questions about the Tidewater Lane bridge closure are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department at 601-856-8958.