Isaiah Evans
Isaiah Evans
Two Ridgeland teenagers have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after a Tuesday evening shooting on a basketball court that has left a Madison man dead after being shot in the head. 

Isaiah Evans, 15, lives on Midway Avenue in Ridgeland, down the road from Midway Park where the shooting occurred. 

Jabari Branch, 17, is also from Ridgeland.

According to Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal, at 5:50 p.m. Monday they received a call of a shooting at Midway Park off Midway Avenue.

“There was a report of a subject playing basketball that was shot in the head by some subjects traveling in a four-door white pickup truck,” Neal said. “We identified the truck through some surveillance that was in the area, in addition to two of the occupants.”

Neal said Evans was arrested early Wednesday morning. Branch was picked up early afternoon. 

Kendrell Miller, 23, of Madison died Wednesday afternoon as a result of his injuries.

Neal said as of now they don’t have a firm motive of the shooting, but he believes the victim in this case was an innocent bystander just playing basketball.

“Witnesses on scene were saying the intended victim saw the truck go by,” Neal said, intimating the intended victim had a previous altercation with someone in the white truck.

“He walked away from the basketball court and the truck came back around.”

Neal said they believe the suspects thought that individual was still on the scene when they opened up fire. 

“He was just an innocent guy out there shooting basketball,” he said. 

Neal said they plan to upgrade the the charges from aggravated assault to murder at his first court hearing. Police continue to search for the other suspects.