The Board of Supervisors last week made another zoning change in Gluckstadt to accommodate a carwash.

The board changed a parcel of land on the southwest corner of Gluckstadt Road and Dees Way from C-1 Commercial to C-2 Commercial.

The change was made at the request of Veracity, a limited liability company that ultimately wishes to build a carwash on the property.

Veracity manager Bridgforth Rutledge made a 45-minute presentation to the board during the public hearing to discuss the change. The board decided that Rutledge had met both burdens of proof required for the its members to take action — that a change in the nature of the neighborhood merited the change and that there was a clear public need.

Rutledge cited extensive commercial growth in the area and presented a calculated new assessment of more than $40,000 in additional taxes his business will generate for the two-acre parcel of land.

Veracity was previously denied its re-zoning by the county’s Planning and Zoning Board, which is chaired by Gluckstadt resident Walter McKay.

McKay spoke in opposition to the proposed change last Monday at a public hearing, saying he was not opposed to Veracity building a carwash in Gluckstadt, just not at the proposed site due to traffic concerns.

Much like the Gluckstadt developers who received a variance for their commercial property at the last board of supervisors’ meeting on July 15, Veracity came to the public hearing armed with a traffic study from engineering firm Neel-Schaffer.

The study showed that the carwash would only generate approximately 60 trips a day, and that most of the company’s business would be from folks already passing by the carwash — as opposed to making a trip specifically to visit the business — so it would generate practically no new traffic.

The board voted unanimously to approve the zoning change with the stipulation that Veracity would amend its plans to ensure minimal effect on traffic, per the suggestions of the Neel-Schaffer report.