Madison County supervisors approved a $1.64 million road plan Monday night for work on nine roads.

District 4 Supervisor David Bishop came up with the plan and it will be funded from Grand Gulf Nuclear receipts for last year and this year, as well as current trash host fees.

The plan includes:

• $134,000 for Old Agency Road from the roundabout to Richardson Road

• $200,000 for Cobblestone Subdivision in Madison with a 50/50 match from the city

• $175,000 for Hunters Pointe Subdivision in Madison with a 50/50 match from the city

• $118,000 for Dave Brown Road

• $334,000 for Catlett Road

• $161,987 for Industrial Boulevard

• $218,000 for Virlilia Road

• $254,000 for Finney Road

• $50,000 for George Washington Avenue

“We’ve been worried about working on our roads,” Bishop said. “I have kind of given a list of roads that could fit into about $1.6 million. I asked the input of all supervisors up here to make sure everything was out in the front.”

Board President Trey Baxter asked who did the estimating on the roads and questioned the total on Dave Brown Road.

Baxter said it was less than a mile long but had a high cost associated with it.

County Engineer/Road Manager Dan Gaillet said it was a “tough” road and so they “try to add some fluff in there” because they aren’t sure what they will expose when they begin the work.

District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones said Dave Brown Road is the second worst road in her district for condition and usage, according to the Stantec report commissioned last year.

“My suggestions are to follow the plan,” she said.

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen asked that the work on Old Agency Road include a digout as well, saying that won’t affect the total cost of the project.

The road plan was approved unanimously.