Supervisors appeared reluctant before approving $12,000 to paint the courtrooms in the Circuit Court building. 

Danny Lee, buildings and grounds director for the county, told supervisors the request was coming from the circuit judges.

Raymond Perry of Flora received the contract to paint all three courtrooms for $12,000. The expense was not budgeted for the fiscal year. 

Lee told supervisors the courtrooms were last painted five years ago. 

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin said since it was the circuit judges making a request he was making the motion to approve it. District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen seconded the motion because of the request. 

Board President Trey Baxter asked when the last time the supervisor meeting room was painted. 

County Administrator Shelton Vance said the supervisors’ room hasn’t been painted since it was originally built. 

“These are circuit judges guys,” Griffin then responded “Do I need to say that any louder?”

Vance said the current color of the courtrooms is green and this expense will change them to a tan color. 

“Judge (Steve) Ratcliff is actually the one who made the request,” Vance told supervisors. 

Vance told supervisors he was surprised they received a price as low as they did, saying it was a “good deal.”

Supervisors then unanimously approved the new paint job.