Supervisors entered into a new agreement with the Madison County School District and the Sheriff’s Office last week regarding the presence of deputies in schools outside of municipalities. 

Deputies have been stationed around county schools in the past but were previously paid by the school district.

Now, deputies will be paid by Madison County, and the county will be reimbursed by the school district for the expense. 

The change was made to become compliant with state law, Sheriff Randy Tucker said. 

“State law says they have to be paid through the county,” he said.

Board of Supervisors Attorney Katie Bryant Snell said that, according to the agreement, the Sheriff’s Office would provide deputies who were certified by a law enforcement training academy. 

In addition, she said the school district would provide a list of dates, times and locations to the Sheriff’s Office where deputies are requested. Deputies will then log their time and expenses associated with the school detail and the county would in turn bill the district. 

She said they have not heard back from the school district yet with the specifics but the new agreement was broad enough to provide “flexibility for them to determine what their needs are.”

According to the new agreement, deputies will be able to serve in assignments ranging from building and student safety, event safety or traffic direction and control.

District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones asked if this pertained only to the county schools, which Sheriff Tucker affirmed. 

Tucker said on average his office has 12-14 deputies that rotate the duties of the agreement. 

He said one deputy may work Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Germantown High School, whereas another deputy is staffed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

In addition to Germantown High School and Germantown Middle School, deputies are assigned to Velma Jackson High School. 

Tucker said deputies also direct traffic in the Germantown area and for some elementary schools such as Madison Crossing.