A 37-year-old Ridgeland man was recently found guilty by a Madison County jury for gratification of lust for forcing two children to perform sexual acts on him. 

Tracy Cornelius Ellis, 831 Rice Road, was arrested in January 2018 by the Ridgeland Police Department after the mother of one of the sisters spoke to the Ridgeland Police Department about sexual allegations. 

“On multiple occasions, Ellis would have the young girls touch him inappropriately in his bedroom and the family living room,” a release from District Attorney John K. Bramlett Jr. stated. “The girls were scared to tell authorities or a parent because Ellis had threatened them on numerous occasions.”

Ellis will be sentenced in Madison County Circuit Court next month and will be required to register as a sex offender. 

“Ellis is a sick individual who used his position of trust to prey upon young girls,” Bramlett said. “These children, who are now, unfortunately, victims of a heinous and sick crime, did have the courage to tell authorities what Ellis was doing to them even in light of the threats he had made.”