RIDGELAND — Aldermen will hold a public hearing at the first city board meeting in March to hear public comment on proposed amendments to the city zoning ordinance.

Mayor Gene McGee said at last week’s work session that they would be making three amendments.

A draft of the resolution to amend says that they want to make amendments to existing nonconforming restricted uses (section 40.03.B.3), swimming pools (section 180.05), and an item on convenience stores in Section 600.14.F.89e).

Director of Community Development Alan Hart the first item would extend the registration deadline for existing nonconforming uses within the city from February 4, 2022, to August 4, 2022.

He said item two would add language to the portion of the zoning ordinance concerning swimming pools requiring a height of six feet and a separation of 10 feet between property lines or recorded easements and the rim of the swimming pool. Pools must also be behind the front line of the house.

The final item will ensure that no grocery or convenience store is located within 2,000 linear feet from another. Distance will be measured by a single straight line from the front door to front door.

Hart said that based on their research this would not leave any existing stores nonconforming.

The public hearing will be held March 5 in the city board meeting room.