St. Andrew’s Episcopal High School led all schools in Madison County in ACT scores and in National Merit Scholar Finalists, according to a report compiled by Madison County Business League & Foundation Education Committee Co-Chairman Dr. Don Burnham.  

Burnham currently serves as vice president of the Ridgeland campus for Holmes Community College. His report, released earlier this month, compiled the 2018 ACT scores, graduation rates, and National Merit Scholars for all schools in Madison County.

According to the report, St. Andrew’s students averaged a 28.4 on the ACT, which is down over one point from 2017 when they averaged a 30. The next highest school in Madison County was Madison-Ridgeland Academy with an average of 24.59. MRA saw a slight increase from 23.89 in 2017.

The State of Mississippi averaged a score of 18.7 in 2018 and the nation as a whole averaged 21.1. The maximum score on the ACT is a 36.

According to the report, St. Andrew’s has led the county in ACT scores since 2011.

St. Andrew’s also led the county in National Merit Scholar Finalists with 13. Madison Central High School had 11 Finalists and Germantown High School had two Finalists in 2018.

Of the five public high schools in Madison County, Canton High School had the worst ACT scores and Germantown had the highest. Canton students scored an average of 15.9 points on the ACT, down from 16 in 2017.

Velma Jackson students scored an average of 16.4 points, up from 16 in 2017. Ridgeland High School students scored an average of 20.01, up from 19.3 in 2017. Madison Central students averaged 22 points, down from 23 points in 2017. Germantown students averaged a score of 22.2 points, up from 21.3 in 2017.

St. Joseph students scored an average of 22.6, down from 23 in 2017. Canton Academy students scored an average of 21, up two points from a 19 in 2017. Tri-County Academy students scored an average of 19.34 on the ACT, slightly down from 19.4 in 2017. 

As far as graduation rates, Madison-Ridgeland Academy, Tri-County, St. Joseph’s and St. Andrew’s all had a 100-percent graduation rate with Canton Academy having a 97 percent graduation rate. 

The public schools had a wider graduation range with Germantown leading with a 95.1 percent graduation rate followed by Madison Central at 92.5 percent. 

Velma Jackson had the next highest graduation rate at 88.3 percent, up nearly 14 points from 2016 when they only had a 74.8 percent graduation rate. In 2017, Velma Jackson had an 81.3 percent graduation rate. Ridgeland High School had an 80.9 percent graduation rate, down from 84.4 in 2017.

Canton High School had the lowest graduation rate at 74 percent, the same rate in 2017. In 2016, their rate was only 63.3 percent.