RIDGELAND — A city alderman expressed concern last Tuesday about some heavy trucks not following approved trucking routes through the city.

Ward 1 Alderman Ken Heard said that he had seen large trucks loaded with pipe use the roundabout on the Highland Colony Parkway in a way that was not previously approved by the city. He said the incident had been addressed by the Ridgeland Police Department.

He said that he had seen construction trucks he believed were related to both the Costco development and city projects using non-approved routes.

No motion was made, but he did mention the possibility of asking the construction company to submit another route for approval if problems continued.

Board Attorney Jerry Mills noted that Public Works Director Mike McCollum had the authority to issue and approve certain changes to previously-approved truck routes.

In other board action, aldermen:

• Set a public hearing for Renaissance at Colony Park, LLC’s petition to establish a Renaissance at Colony Park Overlay District before the mayor and board of aldermen for Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

• Set a public hearing for appeal to the zoning board recommendation of the petition and application of petition and application to rezone real property and petition and application for conditional use permit for Go Shine Carwash by Verracity LLC on Dec. 19.

• Approved a petition from the police department to the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety in the amount of $8,465.32 for the reimbursement of overtime funds for saturation patrols conducted on seatbelt, child restraint and speeding violations.

• Approved a deposit from MetLife Auto and Home insurance in the amount of $5,396.70 into the insurance proceed account. The claim is for equipment on Ridgeland PD motor unit T1, a 2017 Harley Davidson, that was involved in an accident on Sept. 8 and was declared a total loss.

• Approved a lease-purchase agreement for four vehicles for the police department equal to $108,000 per year.

• Approved a request for acceptance of maintenance from AmFirst Holdings, Inc. and Arrowhead Real Estate, LLC for the recently constructed East Parkway Drive also known as Lederman Road. The infrastructure being transferred is valued at $689,261.25 and includes a private street, drainage and utility improvements.

• Approved a recommendation of award for the East County Line Road Rehabilitation Project to Dickerson and Bowen, Inc. whose bid amount of $1,295,264.60 was 29 percent above the engineer’s estimate of $1,006,490. Another higher bid was received for $1,316,285. The bid includes the section of the project that begins at the west right-of-way of Ridgewood Road and extends to the east right of way of Wheatley Street. The city will share the cost of this project 50-50 with the city of Jackson per an interlocal agreement signed in January.

• Approved a contractor change order with B&B Electrical and Utility Contractors, Inc. increasing the contract time for work on  the Highland Colony Parkway by 31 days. The revised contract lists an estimated completion date of Nov. 30, 2017 and a revised contract amount of $261,301.43, which is unchanged form the original contract amount. They were delayed by C Spire fiber relocation effort.

• Approved a lease agreement with Ridgeland High School for a 21x8 foot advertising panel on the High School scoreboard at the football field in the amount of $10,000 per year.