Todd Moudy
Todd Moudy

Approximately seventy-five law enforcement officers from multiple agencies, including eight K-9 units, converged on an abandoned house off Ramage Road and Mississippi Highway 43 before noon Tuesday unaware of what waited for them inside. 

For over four days, a massive manhunt was underway for a prisoner who stole a Madison County transport van. The prisoner was thought to be armed and dangerous, with access to a service weapon left in the van. 

Investigators honed in on the house, located two doors down from his girlfriend’s house, and Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said they were prepared for the worst. 

Within minutes though, and without incident, the escapee was back in handcuffs. 

The girlfriend, Taylor Brookes Furrh, 24, and her mother Rebecca Hall Furrh, 55, were also in handcuffs, charged with harboring a fugitive. 

The incident unfolded Friday morning, Tucker said, after Todd Clinton Moudy was being transported back to the Madison County Detention Center from Justice Court. 

Tucker said Moudy was already out on bond on multiple drug and weapons charges when the bonding company surrendered his bond.

“They wanted off his bond,” Tucker explained. 

Moudy was picked up by the Madison Police Department and was taken to Justice Court for a bond hearing. 

“The bond was ultimately revoked,” Tucker explained. 

From there, Moudy and four other inmates were put into a transport van and hauled a few short yards back to the jail. 

Tucker said the officer left the van running while he went to unload the prisoners. The officer opened the door to the van and then went to open the door to the jail. Moudy was the last inmate to come out of the van, Tucker explained, and immediately ran to the driver’s side of the van and took off. 

From there, Tucker said the transport officer pursued Moudy in a work truck used to gather trash. 

“During that period of time while the officer was following the van, (Moudy) turned and rammed him,” Tucker said. 

The sheriff said that gave Moudy enough of a head start to evade incoming patrol cars. 

On Friday, Tucker estimated there were around 150 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies, including the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office and Leake County Sheriff’s Office, who assisted in a search. 

One of the first places investigators went was to question Taylor Furrh, who later in the day gave a television interview to WAPT pleading for Moudy to turn himself in. 

Tucker said that was a ruse, and that Furrh was assisting Moudy from the onset. 

Over the weekend, the sheriff said at any point there were 50 officers looking for Moudy, but they didn’t catch a break until Monday when the stolen van was located off Endris Road and Mississippi Highway 43 in a wooded area. The van was located half-a-mile from the abandoned house Moudy had holed up in. 

The van was spotted by a deputy flying inside a National Guard Air Wing helicopter using grid search, and it was found less than an hour after takeoff. 

From there, Tucker said they went back to interview Taylor Furrh. 

“We had our investigators and some U.S. Marshals go back out to speak with some of the family members we kind of felt like may or may not have had some information,” Tucker said. “It became obvious and they admitted they had provided the escapee with some clothing and different items. They had been helping him and hiding him.”

Tucker said his location was then revealed and officers mobilized at the abandoned house. 

The mobilization was so quick, Tucker said they were didn’t even have time to go back to the office and pick up the armored vehicle that was purchased last year. He said they were worried Moudy may make a run for it. 

With the house surrounded, a K-9 unit was sent in, the sheriff said, and the dog located Moudy in an upstairs room. 

“He gave up,” Tucker said. “He doesn’t have a scratch on him. He said he was sorry and told us where he threw the gun.”

The Madison Police Department dive team searched a nearby lake for the gun on Tuesday.

Moudy was also found in possession of crystal meth and a pipe Tuesday.  

Tucker said this was the first prisoner escape on his watch and he learned a lot from it, adding it was avoidable and he would put corrective measures in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

He was thankful for the outcome, adding “nobody got hurt.”

Moudy has since been charged with escape, felony fleeing, auto theft, assault on a law enforcement officer, destruction of county property and felony drug possession. In addition to charges of harboring a fugitive, Taylor Furrh was charged with a controlled substance violation and possession of paraphernalia.