Ridgeland police are unloading a bevy of items recovered in a credit card fraud investigation that one alderman claimed could fill its own true crime series.

Police will be donating dozens of items recovered in a multi-state credit card fraud investigation concluded in February of last year. Police Chief John Neal told the board Monday that after posting the proper notification, the items went unclaimed. He said notices were placed at RPD, City Hall and the library for 120 days.

“We have had these items for over a year and followed the proper process and would like to get this abandoned property declared surplus. Most of it will be donated, we will look for a shelter or something,” Neal said.

An iPad Pro and an Apple brand USB-c to digital AV adapter will be kept by the police department for their use.

City Clerk Paula Tierce added that, with the exception of two items, none of it was of benefit or use to the city.

The list of items that includes Victoria’s Secret clothing and cologne, two North Face jackets, Gucci and Rayban Sunglasses, electronics and power tools, etc. The full list goes on for about seven pages with as many as 16 items per page. There are roughly 100 items in all. The items were logged into evidence at RPD on Feb. 1, 2018.

Alderman-at-Large D.I. Smith recommended that other aldermen read the details in the board packet.

“I thought going over this case was really interesting and I recommend if you have not reviewed the packet there is some interesting stuff in there,” Smith said to the board. “I want to use this opportunity to tell PD they did a great job. You look at some of these details and they could probably make a Netflix series out of this case.”

Mayor Gene McGee joked that parts of it “might be rated R.”

Juan Carlos Paredes Sandoval and Maurice Alejandro-Munoz were charged in 2018 with one count of automobile burglary and credit card fraud each. Both were sentenced to eight years suspended and five years of supervised probation.

Neal said that the scam they were running stretched from Oklahoma to Georgia.

Area law enforcement became involved when a man showed up to the RPD building on School Street to report his wife’s car had been broken into on Jan. 26, 2018, a Friday. 

The victim noticed multiple cards had been taken from her purse when she was alerted that charges had occurred on two of her cards at Northpark mall.

RPD identified nine charges made on two of the victim's cards totaling $2,432.94 on a debit card and $1,770.85 on a credit card.