RIDGELAND — A fitness center for police officers will be constructed at no cost to the city, thanks to a local construction company.

The Ridgeland Police Department is planning to build a 1,000-square-foot fitness center and Charles N. White Construction Company has offered to donate its services to the city at no cost, Police Chief John Neal said.

Neal said that the value of White’s contribution will likely not be known until well after the project is completed.

“Basically they will make sure the project is done right, meets code and work with the subcontractors,” Neal said. “I want to make sure we recognize them for offering these services because they did not have to be involved and this is very generous. I can’t thank them enough for taking this burden of us and the project.”

Mayor Gene McGee said that he hoped this would entice other contractors in White Construction’s orbit to donate materials and services to help “multiply” the grant money already set for the project.

“We had the contract reviewed by our attorney, Jerry Mills, and it does indeed say ‘no cost’ so we are very excited about that,” McGee said.

Neal said their goal is to make fitness and workout equipment easily accessible to their officers and support staff.

“We are really pumped and excited about the prospect of making this accessible to our officers as part of our ongoing wellness programs,” Neal said.

Neal said they have about $77,000 from a $93,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield grant earmarked for the proposed facility. He said White Construction’s contribution will direct more funds to the equipment that will go inside the building.

The remaining $16,000 will be used to purchase jump ropes and exercise balls for local schools.

Neal said that further specifics of the project are unknown at this time. He said they hope to have a facility roughly 1,000 square feet that houses free weights, treadmills and other equipment.

The center will be located on the south side of the RPD campus just behind the Court Services building.