After much prayer and careful consideration, I am excited to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Ridgeland. As someone who was born in Ridgeland, raised in Ridgeland, and staying in Ridgeland, I believe our City deserves a strong and ethical Mayor who will look out for, and always keep in mind, the citizens of our great City.

The office of Mayor affects many lives, and dedicated leadership is deserved by all.

My platform focuses on three main tenets — ensuring safety, balancing commercial development, and retaining millennials.

Ridgeland borders one of the most crime-ridden cities in the entire state and it is imperative that our police force be equipped with the means to fight crime and ensure the safety of our citizens.  With Tuesday’s bank robbery on Pear Orchard and the recent shooting at Renaissance we are reminded that safety must be priority number one.

For 30 years, Ridgeland has benefitted from a boom of retail development.  But the internet has drastically interrupted traditional retail demand, and our city leaders continue to offer taxpayer money to commercial developers through tax incentives and TIFs to offset risk.  As Mayor, I will pursue a fair and balanced type of development. I am especially interested in generating development of up-to-date technology companies.

Lastly, the word “millennial” has a negative connotation overall. I am one, I know!  But I’m not your average millennial. I am a hard worker. But I also like to work smart.  As a graduate of St. Andrew’s, I’d like to see more of my classmates make their home here. I’m tired of seeing my friends move to Gluckstadt.

Thank you for your encouragement thus far and I ask for your continued prayer and support during the coming campaign.