Families First for Mississippi is looking to help parents of Canton Elementary School students get a head start on the upcoming school year with a uniform drive.

The mission behind the event is to collect donated uniforms, one of the most expensive back-to-school supplies, to stock the clothing closet at Canton Elementary School’s resource center.

Heading up the uniform drive is Kim Halford, a field educator for Families First for Mississippi, an organization that supports and equips communities across Mississippi through programs like workforce and job readiness programs, literacy assistance, parenting classes and more. 

“We’ve just opened up our resource center at Canton Elementary School last year,” Halford said. “And in our resource center, we have a clothing closet where kids can come in and get clothing items, especially uniform items.” 

Halford, now the parent resource center coordinator at the Canton Elementary satellite site, said she’s thrilled to be involved. Families First has put on similar events in years past, such as their school supply drive. “We have done that in the past, certainly,” Halford said. “But this particular time, we wanted to try to do a little bit more than that and try to help with the cost of the uniforms.” 

The Canton Elementary School resource center is specifically in need of pants, shorts, skirts, and jumpers in navy blue or khaki, as well as long sleeve button down or short sleeve polo shirts in gold, navy, or white. 

Those who want to contribute to the uniform drive are encouraged to drop off clothing items that are within the guidelines at the Families First resource centers in Jackson and Canton. Drop off will be open every day in July from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (601) 366-6405 for more information.