An inventory reporting error will cost a glass supplier to Nissan nearly $17,000 after supervisors denied a request to amend the company’s personal property assessments for the year.

Carlex Glass America recently sent the county a one-page letter stating that an internal audit showed for the last two years the company had “essentially over-stated inventory” in Mississippi and “under-stated inventory” at one of its Georgia locations.

“Amended returns were submitted to Madison County that corrected the amount of inventory during the 2016 and 2017 filing years,” John Sheets, senior corporate accountant for Carlex, wrote to supervisors. “Carlex hopes that this board show leniency in allowing these amended returns to be processed due to being taxed on inventory that is not located in the state of Mississippi.”

Officials said the law does not allow them to amend the 2016 filings but amending the 2017 filings was allowable by the board.

The tax amount was approximately $13,652.

Tax Assessor Norman Cannady said the company issued the inventory reports to his office and that’s what they were taxed on. When asked for a recommendation on whether or not to approve the request, he said he did not have one.

“Me personally…if they made a bookkeeping error or inventory error that is something they have to deal with,” Board President David Bishop said. “If I was gonna make a motion, which I will, I make a motion we deny that.”