The proposed Sprint Mart at 108 Dees Road in Gluckstadt would feature a brick exterior with blue roof.
The proposed Sprint Mart at 108 Dees Road in Gluckstadt would feature a brick exterior with blue roof.
GLUCKSTADT — The future of a Sprint Mart convenience store fell into limbo Tuesday after county supervisors neither approved nor disapproved a site plan for the new business at 108 Dees Drive.

Terra Holdings LLC was seeking approval of a site plan to build the convenience store, but no action was taken after a motion to approve died for lack of a second.

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen, who doesn’t work directly for Sprint Mart but is associated with the business, recused himself from the discussion.

Scott Weeks, director of planning and zoning, told supervisors the land was correctly zoned and met all requirements for approval. Previously, Terra Holdings had asked for a conditional use permit, but later modified plans to fit county requirements.

Board Attorney Katie Bryant Snell said supervisors could only deny a site plan if they made a factual determination that the business would lower property values, decrease economic growth in the area, or diminish opportunities for development.

“It cannot be based on personal preferences,” Snell advised.

“The P&Z board voted 4-0,” Board President Sheila Jones said. “It’s zoned properly, even though we don’t like this. This is a site plan, so we have not gotten to the part where we actually get to see what it looks like.”

Weeks then interjected, saying based upon approval of the site plan they can begin construction, adding the elevations and everything were included.

Paul Ingram, the architect for Sprint Mart, said they went through the county’s ordinances to fall in line with what was required.

“We went through step-by-step making the first determination that a convenience store is an approval by right,” he said. “The percentage of developable area, we’re below that. We have three more parking spaces at 9.5 feet. We are below the 3,000 square foot limit. There are no exceptions. There are no asterisks associated with this project. I don’t know what else to do.”

Jones said the convenience store was located in the “heart of Gluckstadt” and she would like to see the colors match those with the colors of the old historic church across the road.

“Make it look more like the church,” she said. “Go to a white brick and a silver roof instead of a blue rood and make it look more like old Gluckstadt.”

“The clients have corporate colors,” Ingram responded, saying there are many buildings in Gluckstadt with metal siding and this has none of that.

Ingram said he’s been to stores with white brick and they attract bugs. However, Sprint Mart does have a store in Canton with a white exterior.

Joe Morris, one of the partners of Terra Holdings, then took the podium, saying they operate 86 convenience stores and like other businesses they are trying to adopt a consistent image.

He said this would be the “best looking building in Gluckstadt,” and Jones responded with “I don’t think so.”

“I’m not sure that’s part of the legal requirement,” Morris answered back.

“It’s just a change in color,” Jones said. “Still have metal. Still have brick. Still leave the Sprint Mart up in blue. It needs to look like the church.”

Morris said he would discuss with his partners and get back to the board.

“You guys need to vote on what was presented,” he said minutes later to supervisors.

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin made a motion to approve the site plan, but it died for lack of a second.