The new owners of a Ridgeland hotel received zoning variances to change the property into an assisted living facility.

Ridgeland aldermen voted unanimously last month to offer a conditional use permit to the Pickering Firm on behalf of Cabot Lodge. 

Mayor Gene F. McGee said earlier this week that the property was recently sold and the new management had plans to convert the facility to an assisted living and memory care facility.

“The Cabot Lodge has been sold and the new owners want to renovate that space into a retirement facility similar to what we have in other parts of town,” McGee said. 

“I think that will be a good use for them. I know it will be a big investment and not one that is made lightly.”

McGee said that this conditional use permit just allowed for the use of the building and that they would still have to submit a site plan to the city for approval. The property is zoned C-2.

Jonathan Johnson of the Pickering Firm has represented the project to the city. In a Phone call Wednesday, Johnson said that he represents the new owners who have formed an LLC but said that they would like to “defer” offering specifics at this early time in the project.

He said in writing in a packet submitted to city officials that they intend to renovate the interior of the building and make upgrades to the buildings exterior constant with requirements of  the city.

He said they do not anticipate a serious impact in things like traffic flow due to “similarities of the existing and proposed use.”

At a public hearing held by the city Zoning Board, no one was present to speak against the use.

The Zoning Board passed the project on to aldermen for approval noting that the petitioners would still need to receive proper licensure from the State of Mississippi and would require permission were they to decided to use the building for any use other than the approved memory care facility.