Madison County supervisors granted the new Mercedes Benz dealership in Ridgeland an amendment to its tax bill that will save the business nearly $235,000. 

The dealership sought the amendment after realizing the initial tax paperwork was filed incorrectly and included assets that are exempt from personal property taxes. 

Cindy Yarborough, corporate controller for Higginbotham Automobiles LLC, the company that owns the dealership, told supervisors the last two meetings that the employee who filled out the paperwork had never done so before and listed the car inventory. 

“It overstated our assets,” she affirmed on Tuesday. 

The tax bill for the dealership came in around $358,000, as opposed to the $123,000 bill it should have been. 

Supervisors discussed the issue at the first meeting in February but tabled any decision because the property is in a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district. Supervisors were concerned any decision could impact the bond. 

Chris Gouras of Gouras & Associates in Ridgeland told supervisors that granting the amendment would have no bearing on the bond because it hasn’t even been issued. 

He said there was “no underlying debt service at the moment.” He said they plan to approach the city of Ridgeland in three to four months to have the bonds issued. 

Having those concerns alleviated, the board unanimously granted the request to reduce the tax burden on the dealership.