Monday’s meeting of the Madison County Board of Supervisors turned into an arena pitting two supervisors against one another in a battle of personal jabs that has since gone somewhat viral on social media — at least locally.

District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones charged District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen with being disrespectful to women. She posted a two-minute clip of an exchange from Monday’s board meeting that has since been seen over 8,000 times. Her post has been shared nearly 60 times with dozens of comments across Facebook on the matter.

“Want to see a man that doesn’t respect women,” Jones captioned the video. “Here he is!!”

At the time of the exchange, Jones had brought up concerns over the recent closure of the Tax Collector’s Office by Kay Pace two hours early the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Jones had asked for a memo to be sent out to all county offices and departments that unless the board of supervisors declares a holiday, normal business hours will be adhered too.

Steen questioned the legality of Jones’ request and deferred to Board Attorney Katie Bryant Snell for input. While Snell asked for five minutes to review state code, the pair continued discussing the matter.

“They’re elected officials just like we are,” Steen said. “They run their office just like we do. To me, it should be left up to them. There should be some information on the doors.”

Jones responded, “I think we forget we work for the taxpayers of Madison County. I don’t know why we would jump through the hoops of closing offices on a holiday if that wasn’t our authority. For someone to close an office on a whim is inappropriate.

Steen said he didn’t know the answer and that Jones, who is an attorney, was “the attorney.”

“I think Mr. Steen doesn’t understand every attorney knows every single legal law and rule,” she quipped back. “I don’t know the answer to that. But, I suspect that’s why we’re closing the offices. And that’s why you’ve closed the offices for seven years now. That’s the role of this board.”

To which Steen fired back, “I’m not saying that I know everything either, you know, as a board of supervisor. And I would agree that yes you have proven that attorneys doesn’t know everything.”

“What did he say,” an enraged Jones said. “Did you hear this? This man is talking to a woman so disrespectfully. Half of the county is women. It’s totally inappropriate.”

The two later continued the jabs during a discussion about Reunion Interchange where Jones charged Steen lacked transparency on the issue.

On Wednesday, Steen said Jones just wanted to play political games and he wasn’t interested in playing political games.

“It was not derogatory towards any women and any attorneys at all,” he said of his comment to Jones. “It was not directed to anyone except to Supervisor Jones. Since she had all the knowledge, maybe she should have known the answer.”

Steen said what Jones said in the meeting and since put up on Facebook reminds him of Donald Trump and CNN.

“Donald Trump can say something and when a CNN news reporter get it then it turns 180 degrees,” he said. “That’s what it reminds me of. It’s nothing but politics and it’s false politics on top of that.”

He said Jones came at her first by saying he should know who closes the offices since the board has done it for seven years and so he fired back.