Last week was, perhaps, a turning point for Ridgeland with two armed robberies and a murder within 24 hours.

Three Ridgeland teenagers and others are accused of shooting a Madison man in the head in a drive-by shooting as a group played basketball at a Ridgeland park.

Presumably, we can’t blame a flawed education system since the teens are in the Madison County schools. 

We can’t blame the police because Ridgeland has some of the finest.

And we certainly can’t blame a city administration for being incompetent and corrupt.

But we can blame the collapse of our culture and a political climate promoted by liberal policies that are destroying families and created an oppressive cycle of dependency.

Ridgeland’s only alternative seems to be a wall and deporting the thugs back to Jackson, but that is, of course, not an option.

Ridgeland is becoming a little Jackson as once-prosperous neighborhoods decline east of I-55, despite the best efforts at rehabilitation and code enforcement.

Just as it has been frustrating to watch Jackson collapse, it’s more frustrating to watch Ridgeland suffer because all the right things are being done.

Excellent schools, law and order, attentive and competent elected leaders, growth, top-notch city services. Ridgeland has it all!

Still, the rot.

While no city is perfect, two armed robberies and a murder are jarring.

In one of the armed robberies on County Line Road, a warrant has been issued for 40-year-old Jermaine McClure of Jackson.

At least two suspects were caught on camera. Police Chief John Neal said they received a Crime Stoppers tip that led to the identity of McClure.

That’s good police work with community involvement that should continue.

In the murder, the teens will be charged as adults with the motive still unknown, although police believe the victim was an innocent bystander.

Isaiah Evans, 15, lives on Midway Avenue in Ridgeland, down the road from Midway Park where the shooting occurred. The other teens charged are Christopher Dewayne Clark Tyler, 17, of 421 Leonard Avenue, Ridgeland and Lenzarius Jayquan Roberts, 16, of 6973 Cole Road, Ridgeland.

Our culture is collapsing as we’ve descended into an era of victimhood and demands for handouts and resentment toward law enforcement.

This isn’t the first instance of juvenile delinquency in Ridgeland. A 17-year-old Ridgeland man was involved in the Kingston Frazier child murder in 2017.

It’s only a matter of time before Madison and Gluckstadt are experiencing Jackson problems, so we best all work together.

The culture seems to have lost an underlying sense of right and wrong. As we noted last week, the debate over abortion has entered a new phase where it’s acceptable in Democrat circles to kill a child after it is born.

How much easier does that make murdering an innocent man playing basketball with his friends in a park?