It’s been an unusually bad week for crime in Ridgeland with two armed robberies on Monday and what appears to be a “targeted’ shooting death in a park Tuesday evening — all within about 24 hours.

One of the armed robberies appears to be an inside job, but we’ll let the authorities decide. Who voluntarily grabs a bag from under the counter and holds it so the robber can shovel cash out of the register?

Ridgeland’s proximity to Jackson has been a modern-day concern, but most of the criminals in Hinds County know that if they cross the county line and get caught they’re going to do time.

Our culture is falling apart and elected officials on a national level, especially, don’t know basic right from wrong.

For example, the debate over abortion has entered a new phase, as columnist Rich Lowry observed nearby on this page last week. It isn’t enough to say that abortion should be safe, legal and rare, the old Bill Clinton formulation, because that implies a moral disapproval.

Now, abortion is a positive good, Lowry wrote. “A stance that used to be limited to the fringes is mainstream enough that CEOs are willing to sign up for it.”

The Ridgeland Police Department is one of the finest on the planet and elected city officials have long been willing to fund and support a tough-on-crime stance.

You are normally going to get caught and punished in Ridgeland, but sometimes the outside forces overwhelm.

Policing is not a panacea for social ills; that is, police officers are not a solution or remedy for all difficulties associated with our cultural decline.

Ridgeland has far more good than bad, but there is never a bad time to reaffirm our stance on crime or to show our support for those who are sworn to proect and serve.

The call is high but often thankless these days to protect and serve in law enforcement as the progressive left seeks to undermine Western culture and values.

“He was playing basketball with a group of guys when a 4-door white truck drove by and shot multiple times,” police said.

What can you do about that?

Chances are the shooter fled south into Jackson on U.S. 51 or Ridgewood Road because there was an unsually high volume of traffic at that hour in Ridgeland going north and east on Lake Harbour.

There’s a good chance all of the perps will be locked up by the time the sun rises on Friday morning.

It’s unsettling because all of these types of things are supposed to happen in Jackson.

This page has been opining for decades that as Jackson goes, so go the suburbs.

So, here we are inching closer.

If we could patent a solution, we can save the country from the mostly Democrat-led governments in major U.S. cities.

Policing in Ridgeland must continue to be delivered in strong doses, as we believe it has for decades over the modern era to the chagrin of the accused’s aunts, mamas and other close kin in Jackson. Not a panacea for all social ills, policing deserves our support.