The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality awarded Madison County a solid waste assistance grant of over $70,000 that will be used by county officials for household hazardous waste and E-waste collection.

Gary Rikard, MDEQ Executive Director, said the total for the grant received by the county is $75,000. The grant will be used by county officials to dispose of household hazardous waste, defined as items like batteries, light bulbs, cleaning chemicals and sharp objects like syringes and needles.

It will also help the county offer service for the disposal of E-waste, which is defined as electronics like old VCRs, televisions and copy machines.

“The Solid Waste Assistance Grants support a variety of useful solid waste management activities for cities and counties, and this grant will assist Madison County’s efforts in improving their management of solid waste,” said Rikard.

Madison County operates two dumpsites for household waste, E-waste, old furniture and used tires. They are the County Barn at 3137 South Liberty Street in Canton and the Camden Dumpsite at 122 Dormitory Road, Camden.