RIDGELAND — City officials tabled discussion last week on an issue regarding the guardhouses in the Dinsmor neighborhood.

The Dinsmor Property Owners Association wants to relocate the current neighborhood traffic gate and guard house. Their written proposal states that they basically want to ‘reverse’ the current configuration of the gates and guardhouse.

New gates are proposed for the south entrance off Highland Colony Parkway and will be closed between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., though vehicles will be able to exit the subdivision. The proposed guardhouse will be unmanned.

The large decorative iron gates at the north entrance will remain open 24 hours a day and they hope to build a new guardhouse behind the clock tower that will be manned from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The proposal notes that the guardhouse will have full view of the clubhouse, tennis courts, common ground and related parking lots so that the posted guard can “react quickly to any need for security that may arise.”

Officials hinted that they may revisit the issue at the next meeting in February.

In other action city officials:

• Appointed Regina Italiano as a recreation representative with the Community awareness Committee.

• Accepted $4,900 in donations for an EMS Skid Unit for the Fire Department.

• Approved a budget amendment decreasing $892 from insurance proceeds and increasing the same to Equipment Repair and Maintenance. Police Chief John R. Neal stated in his request that the money was an “insurance claim for damages incurred by Dean Lamb to the Ridgeland Police Department’s security gate access panel.”

• Officials accepted a donation of a Rimage 2000i DVD burner from TCSWare to the police department. Chief Neal said that they offered to donate a new piece of equipment after they could not repair one RPD sent in for repairs. A brand new device could cost as much as $2,795.

• Approved an event permit for Shucker’s Oyster Bar’s annual crawfish boil March 11 and 12. Chief Neal said they are expecting 700 people per day and will not generate any overtime.

•  Approved an event permit for Blue Cross Blue Shield 1 Mile Fun run on Saturday from 6 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The event will not generate overtime though one lane of Highland Colony Parkway will be closed for the event.

• Approved $870 for a Court Consultant fee.

• Approved the Central Mississippi Human Trafficking Task Force Memorandum of Understanding.

•  Approved a bid recommendation from city engineer Christopher W. Bryson, to award the Highland Colony-Old Agency Parkway Traffic Signal project to B&B Electrical and Utility Contractors, Inc. They estimate the project will cost $261,301.43 which was under the city engineer’s opinion of probably cost. The city has $320,147 allowed for the project.

•  Approved the Craft Center B and C Supplemental Agreement #1 contingent on approval from MDOT. The project is expected to cost $42,492 with $39,093 coming form grant money and the rest coming out of the city general fund.

• Approved the Lake Harbour Energy Utility Relocation Agreement. The project is expected to cost the city $132,885.92. The city will reimburse Entergy for their work. Work is expected to be done near Newpointe Drive and Lenard Avenue in preparation for the Lake Harbour Drive Extension project coming through there.

• Approved a $5,000 legal fee.

• Received the January privileged license report.

• Approved the revised lease agreement with USBank for phone systems.

• Approved $7,000 to replace iPad tablets for the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

• Unanimously agreed to pay the city’s claims.

•  Entered executive session to discuss a personal matter. No  were made in executive session.3