CANTON — Almost one year after inspections were ordered at Westside Trailer Park, a mostly Hispanic community adjacent to a chicken processing plant here, District 4 Supervisor David Bishop wants to know why the property is still in disrepair. 

Bishop raised numerous questions Monday night regarding the trailer park, before finally asking for the owner to come before the board. 

“I'm getting really sick and tired of this,” Bishop said passionately. “It’s got to stop.”

Located on West Fulton Street, the trailer park sits just in the county and outside Canton’s city limits. 

Bishop asked what the county could do to better the living conditions of the hundreds estimated to live there. 

“I don’t know what the county can or cannot do,” he said. “I know we’ve tried to work with the owners of the property. I know we control the roads. What is our responsibility? How do we fix this problem?”

Bishop even suggested trying to get the Mississippi Department of Health involved, but Board Attorney Katie Bryant Snell said they probably wouldn’t. 

Snell said from a county perspective, there is only so much they can do.

Scott Weeks, director of planning and zoning, said all the infractions cited earlier in the year were corrected. He said they don’t have the ability to enter the actual trailers themselves. 

“I’ve been out there,” Bishop responded. “If the inside looks anything like the outside I think there’s a problem. Somewhere this has got to stop. Who has to stop it and how do we stop it?”

Snell said it’s private property and beyond the current zoning ordinances, there isn’t much that can be done. 

“I guess I’m just at a loss here,” Bishop said. “If that’s the case, as long as they’re hooked up…the living conditions can be anything.”

Snell suggested bringing the owner of the property before the board. She said the owner had previously offered to give supervisors a tour of the property. 

“We can have him at a board meeting,” she said. “It’s a private property issue. Where do you draw the line on that? It’s hard to go on private property and tell somebody what they can or cannot do in terms of living standards.”

Weeks said cities have property maintenance codes, something most counties do not have. 

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen said it was worth exploring whether or not there are codes the county can change or include. 

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin said the trailer park has been an issue for decades and they have never been able to do anything about the conditions there. 

“Katie, if you find a way, you’re better than all the other lawyers sitting in that seat (over the years),” Griffin said. 

Snell said she would reach out and set up a time for the property owner to come before the board. 

“I have a lot of questions,” Bishop said. “I’d like to hear some answers.”

The trailer park features approximately 120 mobile homes and is adjacent to Peco Foods. It was built in 1976 after a tornado hit Canton and destroyed several houses.