County supervisors agreed to spend the remaining unallocated funds from an $8 million road bond for three projects, despite pleas from the board president to reverse changes made two weeks ago.

Supervisors voted 4-1 to spend $600,000 on Sunnybrook Road, $300,000 on Meadow Green Lane in Deerfield, and $400,000 on Weisenberger Road.

Supervisors also voted 4-1 to spend $150,000 for Northbay Drive in Madison, $17,000 for Calumet Drive, $15,000 for Hickory Glenn, and $60,000 for Reserve Crossing as part of a 50/50 match. Another $60,000 was allocated for Summerlin Road, $46,500 for Oak Drive and $60,000 for Bozeman Road work will be done at 100 percent funding. The money for these roads will not come from the $8 million bond.

Board President David Bishop found himself in a 3-2 minority two weeks ago when supervisors voted to reallocate monies from projects in Bishop’s District 4 to Madison and Gluckstadt. On Monday, Bishop appealed to have some of that money put back on road projects he championed.

“It kind of concerned me,” Bishop said. “This $8 million was voted on 4-1 by this board, with the roads that were on there originally. My question is, since that time, have these roads lost their priority or have they gotten in better shape?”

Bishop talked specifically about money on Virlilia Road, a State Aid road located in the northwestern part of the county that has a daily traffic count of 300 cars. He also asked about $600,000 worth of projects on Stout Road and Catlett Road he says would have moved traffic away from Gluckstadt Road and up to Calhoun Station Parkway.

District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter inferred that the county was going to spend $3 million to add a new lane to Gluckstadt Road, which sees 17,000 cars a day, and that was better than spending $2.5 million on Virlilia.

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen said he was not opposed to the road projects Baxter, District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones, and District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin voted on two weeks ago.

“I’m not opposed to where the money is going, not opposed to that at all,” Steen said. “Those roads need to be repaired and reconstructed as well.”

Steen said there were a lot of roads that need work and he hopes the board will work together to come back and find funding to work on the projects that were removed two weeks ago.

Bishop made one more passionate plea, saying that there is no doubt Virlilia Road has less cars than Gluckstadt Road. But, he says, 15 years from now Virlilia might be the growth area and they need to plan for the future.

His pleas fell short and his motion to reverse road projects failed 3-2, with he and Steen voting against. He did however receive a 3-2 approval that called on County Administrator Shelton Vance reviewing funding mechanisms to pay for Stout Road and Catlett Road, with Jones voting with Bishop and Steen on that motion.