Madison County went one way, but Senate District 20 as a whole went another as Lee Yancey pulled out a close victory over Charles Porter in the runoff.

County voters also bucked the trend in two Democratic Party runoffs, going for Addie Green over Lynn Posey for Central District Public Service Commissioner, and Todd Brand over Mike Sumrall for State Auditor. Posey and Sumrall, however, won their runoffs in unofficial results.

In the Republican Party runoff election on Tuesday, Yancey received 4,127 votes, for a slim electoral majority of 50.73 percent, while Porter received 4,009 votes, for 49.27 percent.

In the six voting precincts in Madison County, Porter got the edge with 652 votes, or 55.68 percent of the 1,171 votes cast in the runoff. Yancey managed 519 votes, for 44.32 percent.

But Yancey, who has most recently worked as a lobbyist for the Mississippi Baptist Convention, more than made up that deficit in the 16 voting precincts in Rankin County, getting 3,608 votes (51.8 percent) to 3,357 votes for Porter, a businessman involved in construction and tree farming.

On Wednesday morning, Yancey said that he knew that he had to improve his electoral standing in Madison County after the Aug. 7 primary, when he finished fourth behind Porter, Bobby Blake and Harvey Dallas with 1,055 votes (25.83 percent).

"The difference was in Madison County," he said.

Yancey credited his vote total in the county on Tuesday to 7,000 phone calls made to local residents and door-to-door campaigning.

He also thanked Blake and Dallas for endorsing him after failing to make the runoff.

"I am grateful to so many volunteers who gave up their time and helped us win," he said.

Yancey said that he would focus on keeping taxes low while in the Senate, and would support an increase in the cigarette tax if it were part of an overall tax cut. He also said that he wanted to cut back on illegal immigration in the state.

Porter said that he was still waiting for the results to become official, and would wait until all ballots were counted, including affidavit ballots, before making a decision about requesting a recount.

Pending official results, Yancey will take over the seat formerly held by Charlie Ross, who lost the GOP primary for lieutenant governor to State Auditor Phil Bryant.

In statewide voting in the Democratic runoff for State Auditor, Sumrall got 154,880 votes (52.65 percent) compared to Brand's 139,269 votes (47.35 percent).

But Brand fared better in the 42 precincts in Madison County, getting 627 votes (52.12 percent) to Sumrall's 576 votes (47.88 percent).

In statewide voting in the Democratic runoff for Public Service Commissioner, Posey defeated Green with 46,713 votes, for 59.82 percent of the electorate. Green managed 31,380 votes, for 40.18 percent of the electorate.

In the 42 precincts in Madison County, Green turned the tables with 755 votes (62.14 percent) compared to Posey's 460 votes (37.86 percent).