Construction continues in Madison on Main Street and Highway 463 with plans to finish by late August.

"It is part of the overall master plan for the development of Main Street," explained Danny Lee, Assistant Director of the city's Public Works department.

Most of the current construction work is being done on drainage areas and gutters in order to prepare for the city's later contracts. The Public Works department plans to build a sidewalk stretching from the Madison the City Chamber of Commerce building near Post Oak Road to the rest of 463. Eventually, the goal is to turn the old Main Street into a pedestrian-friendly place for shoppers.

"This is the beginning of that," said Lee. "It was a 60-day contract, and we're well into it." He forecasts that the road will once again be open to the public by late August or early September, depending on the amount of rainfall in the area.

Ultimately, Lee believes that the conversion of Main Street is only a small project in relation to Madison's overall growth.