Scott Weeks was named interim Madison County Planning and Zoning director by the Board of Supervisors on Monday, despite the wishes of two supervisors to name him acting director.

District 4 Supervisor Karl Banks and District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin wanted to appoint Weeks director and skip out on advertising the position before ultimately agreeing to go the interim route.

"It is gonna be difficult to get someone familiar with Madison County ordinances," Banks said. "He's been there. He's learned from Brad. He's learned from experience."

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen pushed for the interim route, saying he believed in advertising for director positions.

"We put him in as interim, then he can put his resume in if he chooses to go that route," Steen said. "Then we can look at other resumes. I feel very strongly about advertising period."

District 1 Supervisor John Bell Crosby said he, too, believed the position should be advertised.

"I love promoting from within," he said. "I always might want to advertise. I'm comfortable with whatever the board wants."

Griffin and Banks said it would be difficult to get someone in the position from outside of the county.

"I don't think that no one on this board is as big of an advocate for advertising as I am," Griffin said. "I don't see no one else coming in, hitting the ground, able to run, and know the developers and people of Madison County. You might steal somebody from another county...but they don't have that relationship."

Sellers also advocated for the direct placement of Weeks.

"I don't see how you can do much better than Scott," he said.

Banks eventually agreed to move forward with naming him interim director with a salary of $65,000 per year before advertising the position.

Weeks served as assistant director for nearly two decades under Brad Sellers, who recently announced his resignation effective June 30.