RIDGELAND - Venture Technologies announced today that it has achieved Telehealth Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) status from Cisco. This designation recognizes Venture as having fulfilled the training requirements and program prerequisites to sell, deploy and support Cisco® Telehealth solutions.

Cisco Telehealth helps partners enhance the delivery of healthcare at a distance. Cisco Telehealth ATP Partners deliver solutions that are designed to provide improved access to health services, reduced patient wait times, and decreased travel time and costs for patients and providers. The goal of the program is to help partners deliver an immersive and personalized experience for patient and clinician consultations to customers in underserved and hard-to-reach communities.

"Venture is proud to have met Cisco's high standards to properly sell, design, install, and support the ATP program specific technology and products," says Venture CEO Gerard Gibert. "We are proud to continue to work with Cisco to benefit our communities."

The Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Program is part of the Cisco go-to-market strategy for emerging technologies. The program helps Cisco to define the knowledge, skills and services that channel partners need to successfully sell, deploy and support an emerging technology. As the market changes, an ATP designation may be discontinued or may evolve into a Cisco specialization.