Arnel Bolden is ready to bring change to Canton as mayor, but he has one more race left before securing the mayoral seat.

Bolden beat one-term incumbent Dr. William Truly Tuesday night by a landslide with nearly 1,600 machine votes to Truly's 987. He now faces Republican Chip Matthews in the June 4 general election.

"I'm going to continue with the same momentum that I've had for the previous races," Bolden said on Wednesday. "I'm going to continue to canvas our neighborhoods and make sure that I continue to learn and find out what our voters' concerns are and just let them know that my administration will be a mayoral administration that listens to their concerns and addresses their needs.

"We are going to bring more jobs and economic development to our community," he continued. "We are going to improve our educational system."

Bolden thanked his supporters and voters and said that he will maintain an open door policy to the public if elected.

Matthews looks forward to the election in two weeks and says his desire is to improve quality of life issues for Canton residents. He knows it's a tough uphill battle, considering only 57 people voted in the GOP primary.

"What I'm doing is I'm going to get out and politic just as hard," he said. "I'm going to work on making the quality of life for each and every Canton resident better by bringing small business to the area. With the new board of aldermen, the door is wide open for whoever becomes the mayor to create positive change in the whole community."

Matthews was born and raised in Canton and said for 51 years he has seen the town transform.

"We are at the place where if you need something now you still have to get in your car and drive to Jackson," he said. "Our tax dollars leave our town every day and I think I can give hope to small businessmen."

He added, "The whole environment, it feels like a cloud had been lifted on the town. We are going to have four new aldermen no matter what. That in itself takes a dark cloud off the town and more businesses will want to come to town because it's been a corrupt town for the last four years."

Voters also chose Democratic candidates in two runoff races for aldermen.

In Ward 5, Reuben Myers held off Toby Lacey to win the seat 177-150. In Ward 7, Andrew Grant captured nearly 60 percent of the vote to knock off Cobby Williams 266-189. Grant faces Independent candidate J. Diane Butchart on June 4.

There were over 250 absentee ballots and a slew of affidavit ballots that were being counted on Wednesday. Final figures were not available.