CANTON - Incumbent Mayor Dr. William S. Truly had a strong showing with absentee ballots to propel himself into a run-off with Arnel Bolden.

Greg Green conceded the race late Wednesday afternoon.

For another municipal election cycle, Canton officials did not had a smooth run.

Candidates and anxious observers spent Wednesday waiting for results to be announced, but officials had not released any figures by mid-afternoon. At 2:30 p.m., election officials were in the process of counting affidavit ballots.

Paper ballots were won by Truly almost 2-1, according to WMGO News Talk Radio Owner Jerry Lousteau.

On Tuesday night, after six of the city's seven wards were accounted for as everything came to a standstill due to a machine malfunction from Ward 1.

Unofficial numbers released by several pollworkers and WMGO News Talk Radio prior to paper ballots had the Democratic primary running a close race as mayoral hopeful Bolden leading with an estimated 798 votes, Green with 745, and Truly following closely with 746 votes.

Former Mayor Fred Esco had only garnered 307 votes.

WLBT was reporting different numbers on Wednesday morning, giving Bolden 802, Truly 744, and Green 743.

Unofficial numbers for the Republican primary show a clean sweep for candidate Chip Matthews as he grasped 90 percent of the 27 Republican votes over Lorraine Levy.

All numbers are unofficial and do not include absentee or affidavit ballots.

Canton officials decided to call it quits on Tuesday at midnight and resumed collecting and counting ballots on Wednesday. Results were unavailable in the city's highly-contested aldermen races.