CANTON - Yandell Road, Bozeman Road and Highland Colony Parkway will receive millions of dollars in rehab if Monday's passing of a resolution by the Board of Supervisors to borrow $15 million is any indication.

Supervisors voted 4-1 to move forward with a $15 million bond by passing an intent resolution. District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen was the lone dissenting vote, saying he thought the resolution was open-ended and could lead to money going from intended projects to other projects.

The resolution named three specific roads and said "other roads" in the county, too.

"Those three roads are very important," Steen said. "I support them wholeheartedly. Other roads - I have seen here in the last few years bond issues being passed and next thing you know it's not spent on the roads people thought were gonna be upgraded."

Steen disagreed with the language in the resolution and made a motion to pass the resolution limiting work to those three roads. It died for lack of a second.

Board President Karl Banks said this was just the intent resolution and not the final passing of the bonds and that moving forward with this would get many roads in need of repair fixed.

"We know these roads will take a significant amount of the $15 million," Banks said. "We do also have other road concerns in some of the cities and some of the other districts. You want to have some funds to take care of existing roads also."

Banks said early estimates put the cost of the three roads around $13.9 million.