County Administrator David Overby, who was fired unexpectedly by the Board of Supervisors on Monday, says he conducted himself with integrity and honesty and worked "very hard with the citizens of Madison County."

The supervisors fired him in a 3-2 vote without giving any reason and made a multitude of other changes, including moving their meeting time.

Supervisors Karl Banks, John Bell Crosby and Paul Griffin voted in favor of the dismissal.

Gerald Steen and Ronnie Lott voted against.

Comptroller Shelton Vance was named interim County Administrator.

"I've conducted myself with integrity and honesty and I've worked very hard with the citizens of Madison County," Overby said Wednesday in an interview with the Journal. "We've made some improvements. There are still a lot of improvements that need to be made. And I wish the county the best in the future."

Overby's dismissal came amidst several changes by what appears to be the new majority voting block.

Crosby, Griffin and Banks proposed a handful of other changes in a matter of minutes at the end of the meeting, including:

• The firing of Strategic Marketing, a public relations firm hired by the county last year.

• Moving the meeting time from 6 p.m. back to the previously scheduled 9 a.m.

• Replacing Steen with Crosby on the budget committee and Central Mississippi Planning and Development District.

• Moving forward with a new road plan that includes spending $700,000 for a lake project near Sharon in northeast Madison County.

Supervisors also approved moving forward with the purchase of Community Bank in Madison to be the new county annex building.

Supervisors have previously voted against the many attempts by Crosby to move forward with the purchase.

Crosby made a motion that the county fire public relations firm Strategic Marketing effective immediately.

Crosby also replaces Steen on the county budget committee and the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District board after individual motions made by Griffin and Banks.

Prior to taking the job in January 2012, Overby had spent the previous 12.5 years in Ridgeland as the city clerk and before that spent four years as financial director for the city of Laurel.

Before working for those two municipalities, Overby spent 20 years in public accounting as a CPA.

He has a bachelor's degree in accounting from Ole Miss and an MBA from Mississippi State.