The City of Madison's leaders in commerce gathered for the Grand Opening of St. Dominic's first Women's Health and Healing Center on Tuesday, June 10. After fighting summer storms to reach the ribbon cutting, which took place at the facility on Highland Way, the clinic's spa-like atmosphere was a welcome sight for all.

"It is my pleasure to welcome you to this ribbon cutting for St. Dominic's Health and Healing Center," began Lester Diamond, President of St. Dominic's Hospital. "On behalf of St. Dominic's Hospital, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the support we have received from the City of Madison and Madison the City Chamber of Commerce."

From the anticipation of childbirth to the health concerns of mature adults, the Women's Health and Healing Center will feature services for women of all ages. Many local partners facilitated the creation of this multi-specialty clinic designed to meet women's health needs in a convenient, easy-to-access location.

"We've started the clinic with two surgeons," explained Executive Vice President of Operations Jennifer Sinclair. "Dr. Phillip Ley is a fellowship trained surgical oncologist who focuses on the management of breast cancer, melanoma, endocrine surgery, sarcoma, gastrointestinal cancer and tumor surgery. He is the anchor of this facility for us," said Sinclair.

In addition, Dr. Paul Seago will conduct a gynecologic oncology practice at the Madison center. Seago specializes in preventative care, diagnostics treatment and surgical management of women with cancers of the reproductive system.

"We have also added services downstairs in our imaging department, so we now have mammography and bone density to go along with the other comprehensive imaging services provided there," added Sinclair. "We're really trying to meet the needs of all women-and the occasional man-in this clinic and in this facility."

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler also spoke at the occasion. She applauded St. Dominic's for their continued investment in the area from the opening of St. Catherine's Village to the more recent purchase of the Madison facility on the north side of 463. "You have a lot invested in Madison, and that says that you believe in the future of this community," Butler said. "What a wonderful blessing to have this wonderful addition to Madison, Mississippi."

After nearly seven decades of service, St. Dominic's continues to expand its reach. "Other specialists are interested in providing services here in the future, so we will bring those to the community soon," concluded Sinclair.