RIDGELAND - Charges against two Ridgeland High School coaches of inappropriate relationships with a minor were presented to a grand jury last week.

The two coaches have not been arrested but were placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation, according to Madison County Superintendent Ronnie McGehee.

"We're conducting our own investigation," McGehee said. "We're also fully supporting the law enforcement's investigation."

McGehee declined to comment further, calling it a legal matter, but said he would have more to say after the investigation, and any legal ramifications that might follow, were concluded.

Ridgeland Police Lt. John Neal told reporters Monday that the department's decision to present the evidence to the grand jury rather than make arrests was a timing issue - with the grand jury set to meet in mere days, it would have taken longer to hold a probable cause hearing and seek warrants for arrest.

Madison District Attorney Michael Guest said he could not release the names of the accused because no arrests have been made.

He added that if any indictments are authorized by the grand jury, they could come down before the end of the month. They would not be made public until arrest warrants had been served.