RIDGELAND - Taking out the garbage is going to be slightly more expensive here.

The price of garbage pickup is increasing for residents and commercial businesses to keep up with operational costs of disposal of solid waste, officials said Tuesday as they approved the increase.

Mike McCollum, director of Public Works for the city, said that the $4.14 increase for commercial businesses and the $2.41 increase for residential has a couple of distinct costs it has to cover and the new rates "reflect the cost of doing business."

He explained that the cost to Waste Management is approximately $11.78. The rest of the cost will go towards covering a waste disposal deficit that the city has accumulated over the past 10 years estimated to be around $400,000.

Mayor Gene F. McGee said they adjusted the price after they realized they had been operating at a loss.

"We are not trying to make anything off it, we are just making sure that we are charging enough to cover the cost to the city," McGee said.

The board approved a new contract back in June with Waste Management Mississippi. Part of the price raise is the operational cost of keeping garbage pickups at twice a week.

Alderman-at-Large D.I. Smith said that costs like these are "routinely adjusted" and are designed to "pay for themselves" without the city having to draw funds from other parts of its budget.

Smith said that adjustments like this follow the Consumer Price Index and are designed to keep up vehicle maintenance, fuel and personnel costs.

"These services are self-supporting services," Smith said, meaning that all the money the city collects goes towards the operation of those services.

McGee added that this was the most cost-efficient option after their analysis showed this was the "best thing to do."