1-Biographical information and work experience:

For 29 years, I have worked together with five Chancery Clerks, two Tax Assessors, three Tax Collectors, three Circuit Clerks, four Sheriffs, and a host of Supervisors throughout the years. They will all agree that I am highly capable of fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the Chancery Clerk's office, and that my commitment and passion to serve the people of Madison County as Chancery Clerk would be unmatched. Utilizing decades of experience and dedication, I will go above and beyond to uphold the public's trust in our County Government.

Currently I serve Madison County as a Deputy Tax Assessor, where I am a department head over the mapping division. I am a State Certified Appraiser through Mississippi State University, am certified as an MAE, Mississippi Assessment Evaluator through the Mississippi Department of Revenue, and was the second Mississippian to receive the professional designation of CMS, Cadastral Mapping Specialist from the International Association of Assessing Officers. I have an Associate of Applied Science Degree from Holmes Community College. I have been a dedicated public servant, and have also volunteered countless hours to our community serving as past President of the Canton Lions Club, on the Leadership Madison County Advisory Board, and on the Board of Directors for the Flora Area Chamber of Chamber. My wife, Stephanie, and I have raised four children, Wes 27, Paige 20, Maggi 19, and Shelby 14, in Madison County and are active members of Damascus Baptist Church, where I serve as Music Director and Deacon. My family and future are firmly rooted in Madison County and I have both a professional and personal stake in Madison County. It is my desire to be a part of the County's continued development, to see it grow with stable neighborhoods, good schools, wonderful churches, and meaningful job opportunities. Educational Info: Mississippi State University '89, Holmes Community College '89, Ackerman Highschool '83. Employment history: Madison County Tax Assessor, Deputy Tax Assessor, Chief Mapper, November 1985 to present.

2-Years lived in Madison County:


3-Why are you running for office?

With 29 years experience, I am the only one qualified to step into this office and go straight to work.

4-How does your background prepare you for office?
I have actual experience working with the Chancery Clerk's office for the past 29 years.

5-How would you rate the current Office of Chancery Clerk?

I consider it excellent and want to continue that momentum.

6-Identify three areas of improvement within the Office of Chancery Clerk.

Each division in the office needs a department head.
MEC, Mississippi Electronic Courts, and E-filing still need advancement.
The office needs to be more available to the South part of Madison County.

7-What will you do to create a system in which lawyers can file all legal briefs online?

This is a complicated process. I will visit the other counties and communicate with other states that have the system and develop it more in Madison County.

8-Identify areas in the Chancery Clerk budget where money could be cut and others where more funding is needed.

This office works on a fee based system. Additional funding is limited to fees collected.

9-How many terms would you like to serve as Chancery Clerk and why?


10-Identify a principled stand you have taken or would be willing to take if elected, even if you suspect it might cost you popularity with voters.

I will always stand up for my employees.

11-Why should Madison County residents vote for you instead of your opponents?

My resume and 29 years of experience and dedication speak for themselves.

12-Campaign information: (Where can people go to find out more about your campaign?)

I have an open door policy and will always be accessible to this County and our citizens.

- electirbyford.com,

- facebook.com/irbyford2014

- Twitter @irbyford

- Instagram @irbyford4chanceryclerk