CANTON - The Madison County Detention Center will need to house 450 inmates per day in the future or pay a penalty, according to a contract with a new healthcare provider.

Sheriff Randy Tucker asked the board of supervisors approved him signing a contract with Quality Correctional Healthcare and severing ties with their current medical provider and Region 8, which provided mental health services.

"[The new contract] is going to basically, in effect, combine those two contracts under [one]," Tucker said. "The combined contract will provide for more coverage and nursing hours, a second nurse for overnight hours, and an on-site psych nurse."

Tucker said there won't be a problem reaching 450 inmates after the passage of HB 535 that will send more criminals with minor infractions to the detention center versus correctional facilities.

He said the contract will save the county about $56,000 over what they were paying for the service five years ago.

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin had concerns over what would happen with Region 8 and patients under their control.

"If there is a Region 8 patient that's a known Region 8 patient barricaded within a house, maybe with hostages, I think Region 8 can assist us with that," he said.

Tucker said they will still work with the Brandon-based company to help with outside situations and that the healthcare contract is solely for the detention center.