Madison County School District Superintendent Dr. Ronnie McGehee, was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents (MASS) for a two-year term beginning last month.

MASS is an organization created in 1969 which serves as a "voice for education" by working with legislators and state leaders to enact laws that further public education.

"Dr. McGehee is an innovative educator and product of the Mississippi public school system," Edith Mitchell, Associate Superintendent, said. "Dr. McGehee's purpose and intent is clear: to improve public education in the state of Mississippi as a whole. This opportunity will afford a platform to share the experiences we have had in Madison County."

McGehee, who has spent over three decades in public education, was nominated and appointed by the Executive Board of MASS, a group of fellow Superintendents from across the state.

"The Board of Directors have names submitted to them," explained McGehee. "When people retire or move on to other things, those names come before them. My name was selected out of the entire list of Superintendents of the state."

In his current position, McGehee leads a district of over 1,400 employees responsible for educating 12,000 students with a budget of $80 million a year.

Through MASS, he explained, "We will be able to help set policy request for legislative sessions. We will also be able to keep a pulse on our areas."

First on his agenda is adjustment to the new Common Core standards.

"The big goal is to be able to help navigate the PARCC assessments this year," Dr. McGehee said.

"This will be the first year that we will take the PARCC assessments live." PARCC assessments are for math and English and were created by a coalition of states to set a classroom standard. "The other part is to work for federal funding for the Mississippi Adequate Education Plan," said McGehee.

MAEP is the state formula used to establish funding levels for each school district.