RIDGELAND - Reparing a major sewer line under Lake Harbour Drive near the Reservoir that carries most of south Madison County's waste water to a treatment plant in Jackson will cost about $150,000.

Ridgeland Public Works Director Mike McCollum explained that while repairing a manhole failure, his department inspected the line and determined the need for maintenance before the worst-case scenario occurred - a collapse underneath Spillway Road.

"That scenario will include a major sanitary sewer failure where the pipe crosses under Spillway Road," he explained. "We have inspected this and have determined that these repairs are necessary to prevent this from happening."

The exact cost is unknown at the moment but will be shared between Ridgeland, Madison and the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

"Each entity within the East Madison County Regional Sewer District will pay a pro rate share of the cost based on flow," McCollum said.

"While we do not know the exact cost share, we expect Ridgeland to pay 65 percent, Madison 32 percent, and the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District to pay three percent."

Pipe lining technology will be used to repair the line and has a lifespan of 50 years.

A temporary advisory for Brashear Creek in Ridgeland remains in effect for a section of the creek from Rice Road to the Pearl River.

This is related to the sewer line but not associated with the repairs under the road.

On May 10, a temporary sewage bypass near the intersection of Lake Harbour Drive and Harbor Driver failed after extensive rainfall.

The Ross Barnett Reservoir was not affected.