The city of Madison has filed a motion to intervene in the U.S. District Court over Madison County's redistricting, saying the plan was "tainted by the rushed restructuring of the elections based upon strategic political calculations of incumbent officeholders."

The motion notes that the city and its citizens have significant interest in operations of the county government and the fair allocation of taxpayer resources throughout the county. It also asserts "the best way to protect such interests is through the fair and impartial administration of the electoral process."

The motion describes the county's redistricting proposals as having been prepared under the guidance of a closed committee and released less than a week before a public hearing to consider adoption of the plan.

This process, the city says, does not provide adequate opportunity for the public to offer meaningful input in the process in an attempt to incorporate new districts into the current election cycle.

The city's motion suggests that the adoption of any redistricting plan be postponed until the public has time to study the implications of the proposed plan.

The motion requests that after a reasonable opportunity for public review and comment, the Madison County Board of Supervisors should take adequate time to incorporate public input into a final plan.

The city concludes its motion arguing that if after reasonable and careful consideration of public comment, districts cannon be finalized for inclusion in the current election cycle, then elections should proceed within current districts in accordance with state and federal law.