Three legislators representing Madison County spent Wednesday as "Principals" of area schools in an effort to gain insight into the educational needs as they prepare for the upcoming 2016 legislative session.

Newly-elected State Rep. Cory Wilson stepped in for Chris Perritt at Germantown Middle School and said by mid-morning he had already learned so much.

"I just attend a class on the Constitution and three branches of government," he said. "It's great to see education in action."

Wilson said he was offered insight into what makes the system tick, from logistics and bus routes to actual classroom teaching.

"It's been a great chance to have some real one-on-one conversations with teachers," Wilson said. "We've talked about ways we can improve education and make it even stronger than it is in Madison County."

He added, "If we can take what we're doing here and clone that across the rest of the state we'd have a different state."

Newly-elected State Rep. Joel Bomgar spent the day at Madison Middle School in place of Principal Dee Walsh.

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to be 'Principal for a day,'" Bomgar said. "As a newly-elected legislator, I want to make sure every law I make is going to make the lives better of the people that the law is intended to help."

He added, "There is no better way to make sure that happens than to see first-hand what things are like on the ground in all the different areas that are affected by the actions of the legislature."

Recently, State Sen. Will Longwitz also served as Principal of the day at Madison Middle School.

"I saw a lot of success during my visit to Madison Middle School," Longwitz said. "And none of it happens by accident. If you know a teacher or administrator, please thank them today. They make our community a better place, and they are working unbelievably hard with one goal in mind - giving our kids the best possible education and preparation for life."

State Sen. Buck Clarke took the helm of Germantown High School Wednesday morning and was shown around by GHS Principal Wesley Quick.

MCSD Superintendent Dr. Ronnie McGehee said this was a great opportunity to expose the legislators to the classroom and day-to-day operations in the school district.