A Madison County grand jury convened earlier this month and was presented the Cochran nursing home break-in case, but law enforcement officials are not releasing any further information on the matter.

District Attorney Michael Guest said due to the nature of grand jury proceedings he was unable to comment whether or not any indictments were returned on the remaining two alleged perpetrators, Clayton Kelly of Pearl and Rick Sager of Laurel.

Last month, John B. Mary of Hattiesburg confessed to conspiring with Kelly, Sager and Mark Mayfield of Ridgeland to commit a felony computer crime against Rose Cochran, Sen. Thad Cochran's infirmed wife.

In exchange for Mary's confession, he received no fine and five years probation.

Guest said at the time Mary had been fully cooperative with the investigation since Madison Police first arrested Kelly on May 16. Mary and others were arrested on May 22 but Mary was never jailed due to health reasons.

According to the Bill of Information filed by the DA's office, Mary "did willfully, feloniously, and knowingly conspire with Clayton Kelly, Rick Sager and Mark Mayfield to commit the crime of Posting of Messages Through Electronic Media for Purpose of Causing Injury to Any person, in that said individuals conspired to enter Saint Catherine's Village, a nursing home, to photograph R.C., a vulnerable adult, with the intent to post said photographs..."

Guest said his office was in discussions with Sager's attorneys, too, but no deal had been reached.

Sager is a P.E. teacher and soccer coach who initially faced conspiracy and evidence tampering charges. He was released on May 29 after posting a $50,000 bond.

At Kelly's initial hearing, Madison Police said Kelly thought posting pictures of Rose would give him credibility as a blogger/journalist. He runs the blog Constitutional Clayton.

The incident took place near the height of the U.S. Senate GOP primary where Thad faced a bitter battle against Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel. Cochran later won a runoff by more than 7,000 votes and is set to face Democratic candidate Travis Childers Nov. 4.

The break-in scandal took a turn for the worse on June 27 after Mayfield, a Central Mississippi Tea Party board member, committed suicide at his home in the Bridgewater subdivision.

He was facing conspiracy charges but was out after posting an initial $250,000 bond.