April marks the 90th anniversary for Entergy Mississippi, and the 100th anniversary for Entergy Corporation. Looking back, the company has been integral in the growth of the state, and in particular, Madison County.

On Wednesday, Entergy was side-by-side with state and county officials at the unveiling of a new 2,000-acre mega site called panther Creek Commerce Center. Prime for economic development, it has become the newest "Entergy Qualified Site."

With 12 substations in Madison County, an office building, and over 30 employees, Entergy has invested over $14 million in infrastructure in the county over the last three years.

"Madison County has become one of the fastest growing counties of the 45 that Entergy Mississippi serves in Mississippi," Haley Fisackerly, president and CEO, said. "The proximity to the capitol city, along with the progressive leadership throughout the county and its cities has made it a very attractive environment for economic growth.

"The leadership of the county understands that in order to attract new investment you first have to invest in yourself and they have done that - making it a very attractive environment to not only attract new investments but retain and grow existing businesses," he continued. "Because of their quality of life and desire to create a better place to live and work, Madison County's future looks bright."

Jan Collins, executive director of the Madison County Business League, said Entergy does so much work behind the scenes to increase economic development in the county and the entire state.

"They're a tremendous partner in the business community," she said . "They are more than just a utility company. The collaboration between Entergy and all the different entities help bring economic development to fruition."

She added, "There is so much work done behind the scenes that people aren't even aware of."

Entergy plans on celebrating the milestone throughout the year with upcoming activities.

Brief history

of Entergy MS

In April 1923, Entergy MS began when Arkansas industrialist Harvey C. Couch bought excess sawdust and used it to power two small generators. Within 10 years, he expanded across the Mississippi River and Mississippi Power and Light Company was born.

Now, the company provides power to over 437,000 customers in 45 of the state's 82 counties.

Entergy MS played its role as a corporate steward during World War I, expanding transmission lines and substations to accommodate plants supplying the war effort.

In 1949, Entergy MS established the Helping Build Mississippi Club as an economic development engine that has been the blueprint for attracting industry.

It was this beginning effort that led to future economic development plans such as the 2003 Nissan plant.

In addition to economic growth, Entergy is involved with communities across the state, partnering with dozens of organizations to provide assistance to those in need.

They have provided financial assistance for energy-related purposes, while also working with childhood education and college scholarships.