Supervisors voted 4-1 on Monday to allow Warren Excavation to proceed with surface mining after a previous appeal by a neighboring homeowner was withdrawn.

A public hearing was held after an appeal was filed by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Williams, which was withdrawn a few days before the scheduled meeting. But that didn't stop other residents from voicing concerns about the proposed excavation expansion.

Charles Craig and Alan Palmore questioned the amount of trucks that will be traveling the designated route each day, fearing the condition of both Highways 463 and 22, the site of the operation, will worsen.

"463 is in terrible condition anyway and although it is a state road, as is Highway 22, the state is very reluctant to maintain that road or do anything to improve it," Craig said.

"I'm opposed to it based on the traffic routes that have been designated"

"Mostly, a lot of people were not aware that this mining was happening and would put so many dump trucks on the road. We are opposed to it from the standpoint of we don't know how many dump trucks will be traveling this road a day," Palmore said.

District 2 supervisor, Ronnie Lott, the lone vote against the permit, said that he has had several constituents concerned about the volume of traffic that will be caused by the trucks.

"According to the zoning administrator, the amount of traffic and number of trucks that will be hauling the mined material is difficult to estimate," he said.

Zoning Administrator Brad Sellers said the volume of traffic will depend on the amount of work taking place.