An existing 300-foot radio tower near the Livingston community northwest of Madison has been donated to Madison County by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

The tower sits on a one-acre plot of land located on Mississippi 463, one mile south of the Highway 22 intersection across from Chestnut Hills.

The county will place a weather warning siren on the tower to service Hartfield, Chestnut Hills, Livingston and the surrounding areas, according to Butch Hammack, Madison County Emergency Management Agency director.

He said the tower was no longer being used by DPS and was one of four donated to counties in the state.

"If we had not accepted to the donation they would have torn it down, but we had a use for it," Hammack said.

Warren Strain, public affairs director for DPS, said it was a cost saving measure and that they were glad that someone could still use the tower.

"It was no longer in use so we had no reason to maintain it," Strain said, "We are glad Madison County can put it to good use."

Strain said that this is part of four other towers that they have donated to local governments. They recently donated towers to Pike, Harrison and Warren Counties and are looking for other sites that can donate to counties across the state.

He said the one in Madison would save them the most money of the four and that is does not require any additional work to remain active.

"Its good to go," Strain said.

Hammack said that they have had the tower looked at and are very satisfied with the shape it is in.

"We have had it inspected and it is in excellent shape," Hammack said.

He said the tower would greatly increase the county's radio signal strength for west side, specifically in the southwest portion.