Clayton Kelly appears at his preliminary hearing wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles on May 22.
Clayton Kelly appears at his preliminary hearing wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles on May 22.
­MADISON - More people are scheduled to be interviewed by law enforcement officials in the Rose Cochran break-in scandal that has dominated national headlines for the past two weeks.

Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest said Wednesday that while no additional arrest warrants have been issued, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

"I do know that there are additional witnesses which will be interviewed this week and that there still is evidence which we are awaiting to be analyzed, specifically electronic devices which have been seized," Guest said. "We are also still awaiting some of the phone records we have requested."

Guest added that the investigation is still in its infancy and it will take some time for law enforcement to look over all the evidence.

"It's still an ongoing investigation," he said. "We don't know if it will lead to any arrests or not."

Clayton Kelly was arrested on May 16 and charged with exploitation of a a vulnerable adult, photographing or filming a person, without their permission, in a place where the person is expected privacy and conspiracy.

Mississippi Tea Party vice chairman Mark Mayfield of Ridgeland, John Beachman (Bert) Mary of Hattiesburg and Richard Sager of Ellisville were also arrested and each charged with conspiring with Kelly. Mary received an additional conspiracy charge and Sager was also charged with tampering with physical evidence.

A grand jury will hear the cases in June.

In the meantime, two of the alleged suspects - Kelly and Sager - remain behind bars.

According to Guest, Sager's attorney plans on filing a writ of habeus corpus, a motion for bond reduction that would be sent to the circuit court to decide if his $500,000 bond is too steep.

As the investigation enters its third week, more details linking the seemingly unconnected suspects to the case continue to emerge.

Previous unknown John Beachman (Bert) Mary appears to be at the center of the scandal, Guest said.

"Mary was the person that was in contact with all of the other individuals," he said. "The investigation is still early. There's stuff we do have and it's taking some time to analyze."

After questioning Kelly, police were granted access to the blogger's Facebook profile and accessed his personal messages, according to an incident report obtained by the Madison County Journal Wednesday.

There, they found correspondence between Kelly and Mary that appeared to have started on or about Feb. 22, and continued to May 14, two days before Kelly's arrest.

Police quickly determined that Mary, under the Facebook handle "John Bert" and using a picture of Star Wars character Obi Wan Kenobi as a profile picture, had corresponded and conspired with Kelly to use a photo or video of Rose Cochran in order to advance a political agenda.

Mary was arrested at his home in Hattiesburg and released due to health concerns on May 22.

In the correspondence, according to the incident report, Mary also told Kelly that an individual named "Mark" would be making arrangements to have an individual, yet to be identified, call Kelly with detailed instructions on where to locate Cochran's room within St. Catherine's Village.

Mary allegedly followed up with Kelly on several occasions, asking if there had been any progress made by Kelly on obtaining the photograph, until Kelly responded that he had chosen Easter Sunday as the day he would finally be able to get inside, due to the high traffic of visitors to St. Catherine's.

It was also revealed Wednesday that Kelly had made two previous attempts to take photos of Cochran. According to officials, he made it on to St. Catherine's grounds but was unable to gain access to the alzheimer's unit in which Rose Cochran is a resident.